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Echoes of the Mayan Spirits with Melissa Griffin

Updated: Jun 23

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Are you intrigued by the mystical world of Mayan spirituality and mediumship? Dive into a captivating conversation between two fascinating individuals, Jennifer and Melissa, as they discuss spiritual experiences, healing practices, and ancestral connections in this enlightening podcast episode.

In this engaging dialogue, Jennifer guides us through a thought-provoking exchange with Melissa, a gifted Mayan spiritualist and medium. Melissa shares her incredible journey from childhood visions to embracing her spiritual gifts and the profound experiences that shaped her into a healer. Through anecdotes and personal insights, Melissa sheds light on the power of intuition, ancestral connections, and the importance of setting boundaries when dealing with spirits.

From an early age, Melissa recounts how she began to experience spiritual gifts and premonitions, paving the way for her journey into becoming a Mayan healer. Through her book "Validation of a Healer," Melissa shares her experiences and lessons learned along the way.

Melissa's close connection to her ancestors, particularly her grandfather, plays a significant role in her spiritual work. She reveals how she channels their energy and utilizes ancient Mayan practices for healing, including the use of holy herbs and sacred rituals.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Melissa's work is her ability to engage in remote viewing, allowing her to connect with individuals on a deeper spiritual level. She recounts a powerful experience where she provided closure to a grieving individual through remote viewing.

Melissa emphasizes the importance of incorporating Mayan principles into modern-day well-being practices. From hugging trees to meditation and setting boundaries with spirits, she provides valuable insights for spiritual growth and protection.

Questions to Explore:

1. How did Melissa's childhood experiences shape her journey into mediumship and Mayan spiritual healing?

2. What are some key practices and rituals Melissa uses for cleansing and healing purposes?

3. How does Melissa's work with her ancestors influence her healing sessions and spiritual connections?

4. What are the signs of encountering dark energies or entities, and how can individuals protect themselves?

5. How does remote viewing play a role in Melissa's spiritual work, and what are some profound experiences she has had through this practice?

Ready to explore the world of Mayan spirituality and healing? Connect with Melissa through her website,, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Dive into Melissa's book, "Validation of a Healer," to gain insight into her remarkable experiences and teachings. Join Melissa on her mission to educate and inspire others as she travels and shares the wisdom of her Mayan heritage.

Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations and insights from Melissa and other spiritual luminaries as we continue to explore the profound mysteries of the spiritual world. Thank you for joining us on this enlightening episode!

Connect with Melissa Griffin:


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