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Life, Death, and the Afterlife: Exploring with Daniel Jackson

In a recent episode of our podcast, Jenn Mitchell hosts Daniel Jackson, a spirit medium with the rare ability to communicate with spirits and archangels. Daniel offers profound insights into how spirits interact with mediums, the nature of life and afterlife, the process of guiding spirits to heaven, and debunks common myths about angelic assistance. Let's dive into the spiritual wisdom shared by Daniel Jackson.

How Spirits Interact with Mediums

Daniel shares a unique perspective on his ability to communicate with spirits. From a young age, Daniel experienced frequent interactions with spirits, a gift initially shared by his entire family due to living near a historic battlefield. Over time, these interactions intensified, leading Daniel to embrace his role as a medium. He explains that spirits are drawn to individuals with a 'bright light' within their soul, likened to moths attracted to a flame.

This brightness signals to spirits that the medium can communicate with them, regardless of the time of day. Spirits convey their messages to Daniel through thoughts and physical sensations. Initially, only 5% of the communication was through thought, but now it's at 90%. Moreover, spirits touch Daniel's face for yes or no answers, creating a nuanced system of communication that enables him to assist them effectively.

Key Points on Spirit Interactions:

  • Attraction to Light: Spirits are drawn to certain individuals because of their "soul's light." Bright lights attract spirits like moths to a flame.

  • Direct Communication: Instead of interpreting vague signs, Daniel receives direct thoughts from spirits. They communicate in his mind, making interactions very clear.

  • Physical Sensations: Archangels touch Daniel’s face for yes or no answers, which helps him understand their messages.

Life, Death, and the Afterlife

According to Daniel, our current understanding of life and death is limited. He emphasizes that once we pass, our true essence – the soul – persists. This soul carries all our memories, experiences, and emotions, leaving behind the physical constraints of the body. Daniel describes the afterlife as having two distinct realms: a higher energy realm (heaven) and a lower energy realm. The decision to move into either realm is influenced by the soul's actions and experiences during their lifetime. Notably, spirits often carry their earthly habits into the afterlife, reflecting familiar behaviors like grazing for animals or seeking closure for unresolved matters. Our real purpose ties deeply into our interconnectedness as human beings and our responsibility towards one another.

The Essence of Human Connection:

  1. Helping Others: At the core of our existence is the simple yet powerful act of helping others. This assistance should be given:

  • Selflessly: Help others not because you can, but because you should. Our purpose is to aid others simply for the sake of helping, without expecting anything in return.

  • In Everyday Situations: Acts of kindness and assistance can manifest in everyday situations. For example:

  • Giving Directions: If someone is lost, instead of just providing directions, you could offer to guide them.

  • Simple Gestures: Greeting strangers warmly can change their outlook. A simple "hello" can brighten someone's day.

  1. Understanding Life Lessons: Each lifetime we live is an opportunity to learn and grow. We are here to:

  • Face Challenges: Life’s difficulties, such as overcoming addictions or dealing with depression, are lessons in themselves. Learning from these experiences is part of our growth.

  • Fulfill our Purpose: By going through various experiences, both good and bad, we are fulfilling our purpose of self-discovery and personal development.

The Process of Guiding Spirits to Heaven

One of Daniel's primary responsibilities as a medium is to help spirits cross over to the afterlife. The process is straightforward yet profound. Daniel instructs spirits to walk towards the light, reassuring them that they will be received in heaven as one of God's children.

Steps for Guiding Spirits:

  • Connecting with the Spirit: Daniel establishes a connection with the spirit, often through direct communication or through the presence of certain signs and sensations.

  • Providing Directions: He instructs the spirit to walk into a “lake” and pass through it to be received in heaven. This is a metaphorical way of describing the transition to a higher energy realm.

  • Flashes of Light: When a spirit crosses over, a flash of light often appears, which can sometimes be witnessed by others around Daniel. #

Clarifying Myths about Archangel Assistance

A common misconception is that archangels are always available to assist anyone at any time. Daniel clarifies this notion with a more nuanced understanding.

Myths and Realities:

  • Archangels Help in Mass Purposes: Archangels assist those who are helping large numbers of people, not for everyday personal matters.

  • Spirit Guides for Daily Help: Regular people are guided by spirit guides, not archangels. Spirit guides are tasked with protecting and leading us through our daily lives.

  • Misconceptions: The idea that you can call on archangels for mundane tasks is a myth propagated by popular media.

Practical Advice for Invoking Positive Spiritual Help

For those seeking guidance and protection from the spiritual realm, Daniel offers practical advice to ensure you attract positive energy.

Practical Tips:

  • Intent Matters: When asking for spiritual help, do it with clear and positive intent. Desperation can attract negative entities.

  • Acknowledge Spirit Guides: Know that spirit guides are there to help and protect you. Recognizing their presence is the first step to receiving their aid.

  • Communicate Clearly: If you seek help or protection, explicitly state that you are calling on light and positive energies.

  • Consistent Practices: Make asking for guidance a regular part of your life, not just something you do in moments of desperation. This consistency strengthens your connection with your spirit guides.

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