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Practical Techniques to Transcend the False Matrix with Kerry Kronenberg

In a recent episode Jenn invited a captivating guest, Kerry Cronenberg, a spiritual guide and teacher renowned for her insights on transcending the matrix and ascending into higher consciousness. This enlightening conversation delves deep into the metaphysical realms, offering valuable guidance on living beyond the physical constraints of our world and exploring the mystical concept of stargates.

The False vs. Organic Matrix

Kerry introduces a compelling dichotomy between what she terms the "false matrix" and the "organic matrix." The false matrix, according to Kerry, is a system of control and deception that keeps individuals trapped in a loop of materialism and superficial existence. It is a construct built on limiting beliefs, societal expectations, and programmed behaviors that distance us from our true nature. On the other hand, the organic matrix represents the natural, divine universe — a harmonious state of existence that aligns with higher consciousness and universal truth. It is the realm where one can experience genuine connection, spiritual enlightenment, and the essence of being.

Transcending the Mind’s Prison

Kerry emphasizes the importance of transcending the false matrix to access the organic matrix. Here are some steps she suggests for beginning this journey:

  • Self-awareness: Recognize the chatter of the mind and the superficial thoughts that dominate daily consciousness.

  • Saying Yes: Embrace a positive affirmation towards your spiritual purpose and higher truth. Holding the feeling of "yes" in your chest can help reorient your mindset and open pathways to spiritual growth.

  • Presence Over Distraction: Shift from living in survival mode to experiencing presence. Presence is the gateway to our true self and higher consciousness.

Connecting with Your Breath and Presence

One of the simple yet profound techniques Kerry shares involves connecting with your breath. She describes this as "stupid simple" but highly effective:

  • Feel the Breath: Instead of analyzing your breath, simply become conscious of it. Feel its rhythm and presence within you.

  • Tune Out the Chatter: The brain will naturally try to interfere with distractions and doubts. Acknowledge these thoughts without judgment and refocus on the simple practice of feeling your breath.

  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is key to moving beyond the mind's chatter and into a state of energetic presence. Learning to be present is essential in transcending the mind’s prison. Kerry describes it as moving from the "chatterbox" brain to the true self, which originates as energy, feeling, and experience rather than words.

Real and Hypothetical Stargates on Earth

One of the most intriguing parts of the discussion revolves around the concept of stargates, portals existing on Earth and beyond, connecting us to other realms and dimensions.

Natural vs. Artificial Pathways Kerry explains:

  • Stargates: These are natural, organic cosmic networks. They are akin to the neural network in our brains, consisting of plasma filaments that connect various points in the universe. These stargates channel cosmic light, which can elevate consciousness and facilitate interstellar travel for those whose DNA and consciousness are aligned.

  • Wormholes: These represent the false matrix's artificial attempt to replicate natural stargates. Unlike stargates, wormholes do not bring universal energies but serve as mechanical passageways engineered for travel.

Known and Hypothetical Locations

  • Earth Stargates: According to Kerry, numerous stargates exist across the planet. For instance, she mentions a known stargate that connects Earth directly to the Sirian star system. There are also stargates spread throughout places like the Middle East, adding to the spiritual significance and conflicts in such regions. Furthermore, Kerry shares an anecdote about a bush near her home, which she intuitively recognized as a stargate, expecting mystical beings such as Sasquatches to emerge from it.

Daily Practices for Spiritual Growth To integrate the concepts discussed, Kerry offers practical advice:

  • Breath Awareness: Begin each day with a simple exercise of feeling your breath. Allow the rhythm of your inhale and exhale to guide you into a state of presence. -

  • Embrace Simplicity: Adopt Kerry's "stupid simple" approach to spirituality. Avoid overcomplicating your practices. Focus on simple, mindful acts that bring you closer to your true self.

  • Say Yes to Your Path: Cultivate a mindset of affirmation. Saying "yes" to your purpose

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